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The Bathing Director & Zorro.

I always wanted to be Zorro. But I couldn't be. I'm from Belgium, he's not, he can grow a moustache, I can't. He rides a beautiful horse, I'm afraid of large animals. He wears a black cape and a mask, I stopped wearing it because it's easier not to. The point is: he is a true hero and I'm not. I love the anti-hero, the moody characters and the shady ones. 

I take long baths before directing,


BSFF - DIEKAT - Interview de Michiel Venmans

Subbacultcha- "My work is mostly the result of different well-made failures"

Bitterzoet Film

De 20 van 2020: Jaan Stevens & Michiel Venmans

Humo: Mauro Pawlowski staat eindelijk weer in de "Spotlight"

Focus Knack:Première: onderbroeken, mooiepakkengedrag en flauwvallende parlementariërs

Focus Knack: In première: het nieuwe soloproject van Mauro

Forbes: "Blackwave channel the best of smooth 90s hip hop for good enough video"

De Morgen: "Tussen hemel en aarde de nieuwe clip van Willem Ardui"

Focus Knack: "Er is leven na Elusive bekijk de debuutclip van nieuwe lichting winnaar David Ngyah"

Focus Knack: "Bekijk de nieuwe clip van Portland in premiere"

Humo: "Portland schittert in nieuwe videoclip van Lucky Clover"

When The Horn Blows: "Interview Geppetto and the Whales Faust video"

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